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Ashihara Karate is one of the most practical karate systems today. It is a karate system based on Sabaki........ - the combination of defence and offence into one!

The following IS an introduction to the Karate organisation under whose auspices, traditional karate has been taught since 1980. The karate dojo (organisation) was founded by Hoosain Narker, the Kaicho of Ashihara Karate Kokusai. We hope that by perusing this web site, you will gain more insight into this dynamic karate system founded by the late Karate Master, Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara.

International Karate Headquarters,
P.O. Box 117, Retreat, 7965, Cape Town, South Africa.
Telefax: +27 21 7011701        E-mail:

Going in for our 37th Year of Operation !!

Ashihara Karate, led by Karate Kaicho Hoosain Narker, is one of the most practical karate systems today. It is a system based on Sabaki........ - the combination of defence and offence into one! Ashihara Karate International is comprised of over thirty countries and has over 40,000 members. Our goal is the promulgation of authentic Japanese karate-do as espoused by the late Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara

Ashihara Karate
Summer Camp

The European Summer Camps 2005 - 2008 held in the Netherlands was attended by Kaicho.
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Ashihara Karate
Get Together

Kaicho will attend the World Games in Wroclaw, Poland in July 2017 as well as the Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games in Turkmenistan in September 2017.

Kaicho is scheduled to visit India, Canada, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, France, Japan and several other countries for teaching in 2017

World kumite 2008
The World Kumite Championships was held in Pattaya, Thailand in August 2008. This event showcased the true spirit of the Martial Arts and had top fighters from all around the World.  Kaicho was elected to the Executive Committee of Grand Masters. read more ...

S.A. Sabaki Challenge will take place in May 2017 in Cape Town

The AKI Sabaki Challenge World Karate Cup is scheduled to take place in India in October 2017.

Ashihara Kancho

Ashihara Karate Kaicho